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Drain Clogs: User Error Is a Common Contributing Factor

sunny-plumbersYou cannot avoid the occasional clogged drain. If you use your drains—and we’re guessing that you do, as they’re not exactly ornamental!—then they are going to clog up from time to time. That is to be expected. However, too many homeowners fail to realize that it is the way they use their drains, rather than just the fact of frequent usage itself, that is to blame for many clogs. A little bit of care can go a long way.

The Sunny Plumber Tuscon is here to help you understand how you and other individuals in your home may inadvertently be contributing to clogged drains in Green Valley, AZ. We’ll also tell you why pouring chemical cleaners down your drains is the exact wrong way to deal with these clogs. While drain clogs are a common problem, that doesn’t mean that there’s not a lot to explore! So read on, and contact us with any questions that you may have.

Step One: Basic Preventative Measures

What’s the simplest way in which to keep clogs from forming in your drains or sewer line? To avoid putting materials down your drains or toilet that can lead to clogs, of course. And what’s the simplest way to go about doing this? Well, first of all, don’t leave your drains uncovered. Even if you are careful about scraping plates off before putting them in the sink or wiping whiskers out of the bathroom sink after shaving, something is bound to get down there. By using drain covers that can trap materials, and which you can easily remove to clean out, you can prevent the clogging elements from getting down there to start with.

Now, you obviously are not going to have any sort of filtering cover over the drain in your toilet bowl. However, you can be very careful to ensure that only appropriate materials get flushed down the toilet. What does this cover? Simple. Waste, and toilet paper. That is it. It doesn’t matter if something says “flushable” on it or not. Waste. And. Toilet. Paper. No exceptions.

Finally, remember that your garbage disposal doesn’t render everything acceptable for disposal down the drain in your kitchen sink. Specifically, it is not going to do anything about FOG,  or fats, oil, and grease. These materials will congeal when they get into your drains, and they’ll start to form clogs. Disposal or not, pour them off before you wash out your pots and pans.

Step Two: Deal with Clogs the Right Way

Okay, so you know what to do to minimize the risk of clogs developing. That doesn’t mean that they’ll never develop, though. So what do you do once a clog is in place? Pour some over the counter cleaner down there and hope for the best? Absolutely not.

You schedule professional drain cleaning services with us. This is the only way to get longlasting results. Those chemical cleaners are bad for the environment and will almost always leave much of the clog behind. When you schedule drain cleaning with our team, on the other hand, you can expect your drains to be free and clear after being cleaned out thoroughly.

Schedule drain cleaning with our plumbers. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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