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The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Your Garbage Disposal

sunny-plumbersDon’t get defensive—we are not talking down to you. You may think that using a garbage disposal is so simple that anyone can do it. And you know what? You’re right. Sort of. Most folks are going to be able to get food waste into the sink and flip the switch to activate the garbage disposal. However, there is a major difference between using something, and using it right. Using it right is the focus of today’s post.

Remember too that the first step in using any garbage disposal properly is to have it installed and serviced properly. And that means scheduling those important services with trained, experienced professionals. Be sure to schedule your plumbing services with our Sunny Plumbers to guarantee that this is the case. When it comes to your plumbing in Tucson, AZ, you really cannot afford to take any risks. We get plumbing systems and appliances off on the right foot every time.

It’s More of a Grinder Than a Chopper

A lot of people think that their garbage disposal uses blades to chop up the food scraps that they put into it. That is one of the most consistent misunderstandings that we come across. In fact, a garbage disposal is more like a grinder than a chopping mechanism. It grinds up the scraps that you put down the drain between plates, and this explains why you need to run the water when you use your garbage disposal.

Keeping the water running helps to turn those materials being ground up into a paste that can then travel through your pipes, and the running water itself helps that paste on its way through those pipes. You must never, ever run your garbage disposal without having the water running, and we recommend that you keep the water running for a minute after you shut off the garbage disposal, as well.

Garbage Disposal or No, Keep FOG Out of Drains

Fog here stands for fats, oils, and grease. FOG is a liquid when it is hot, such as after you fry bacon or roast a turkey in the oven. However, as you know from letting pans sit while you eat, those liquids congeal as they cool down. That means pouring hot FOG down into your cool, dark drains is asking for trouble. In fact, this is one of the most common reasons drain clogs develop in the first place.

Not only will the congealed matter in the drains form clogs itself if there is enough of it in the drains, but it can also trap other scraps that make it into the pipes, expediting the clogging process. A garbage disposal allows you to put food scraps down the drain that you otherwise couldn’t—it does not prevent misuse of your drains from resulting in clogs. There are certain rules that apply with our without garbage disposals in place, and the proper disposal of FOG is one of them.

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