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Don’t Ignore Problems with Your Toilet

sunny-plumbersFor a plumbing fixture that plays such an important role in our lives each and every day, it seems that a lot of people are all too happy to ignore signs of trouble with their toilets. No, we’re not talking about problems like a toilet that won’t flush or a toilet that’s overflowing all of the time. Those issues are unlikely to be ignored by anyone. What we’re talking about are those problems that just don’t seem urgent.

Or, at least, they don’t seem urgent at first. The fact of the matter, however, is that any problem with your toilet is something that really ought to be treated as a priority. The last thing that you want is for a problem that would have been an easy fix to get progressively worse,  ultimately leading to issues that could have otherwise been easily resolved. That is why we encourage you to work with the true Green Valley bathroom plumbing pros—us!

A Running Toilet

Aside from a clogged toilet, a running toilet is probably the most likely problem that you’ll encounter in your bathroom. It’s one that may not be an emergency, but you should definitely stay on top of it. Why? Because it could have serious consequences, that’s why. From increased water costs due to wasted water to leaks from tanks that require full toilet replacements, you want to nip these problems in the bud.

Excessive Condensation

Sometimes we get calls about leaking toilets, only to inform homeowners that their toilets are not actually leaking. Instead, they are dealing with excessive condensation—and that’s usually an HVAC problem! We live in a pretty dry area, but if for any reason the humidity in your home is too high, then condensation on the toilet tank can definitely be an issue. And it’s one that could actually rot out your floor around the toilet if not resolved.

Leaks Around the Base

A toilet can leak in a lot of different spots. One common area is actually around the base of the toilet, and that is a problem you cannot resolve by simply tightening a connection. It means pulling up the entire toilet, removing the wax seal, addressing the problem, and reinstalling the entire toilet. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that this is a problem that you can fix on your own!

Smelly Toilets

Does your toilet emit a foul odor? Are you frustrated because you keep the bowl clean, but you still cannot seem to get rid of the smell? Chances are that you either have a caulking issue or maybe a problem with your sewer line or its vent. Whatever the case may be, you don’t need to tell us that issues with sewer odors in your home are something you’ll want resolved ASAP. Can you get used to it or put it off for a while? Well, maybe. But why would you choose to?

Schedule your toilet plumbing services with the professionals here at The Sunny Plumber Tucson. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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