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Don’t Fall for DIY Drain Cleaning Tips

boy-dog-tubYour plumbing system is extensive and complex, comprising many different appliances, components, pipes, and materials. The function that it serves is anything but complex, however. It gives you drinkable water when you need it, and drains water away when you’re done with it. Of course, things that are simple in theory are not always simple in action. Or, at least, not 100% reliable. No plumbing system is going to be completely dependable, and that includes both the supply and the drainage sides of the system.

We live in an age where an immense amount of information is just a few keystrokes and mouse clicks away. You can even talk to your smartphone to find the answer to whatever question is on your mind. Just because you read or hear it on the internet, however, does not mean that it is fact. Here’s an actual fact for you: when you need drain cleaning in Tucson, it’s always best to hire the pros.

Simple Tips? Or Are They Tricks?

We know that you’re not necessarily going to be excited about picking up the phone—and opening up your wallet—every time your drains slow down or back up in your home. And there are some instances in which you are going to be able to deal with the clog on your own. But it is simply not reasonable to expect every clog to be something that you can resolve yourself.

If you visit any number of blogs posting about industry services outside of the industry that they’re in—which is usually just racking up some clicks for the site and its ad revenue—then you’ll see a lot of tips that aren’t quite as helpful as you’d be led to believe.

One that you’ll undoubtedly see if you search out how to unclog a drain on your own is the old wire hanger trick. Just unfold a wire hanger, stick it down the drain, wiggle it around, and there you have it: problem solved. We won’t go so far as to quote the famous “No more wire hangers!” line, but the fact is that this is only going to be a solution if the clog is just a few inches down the drain, and if you’re somehow able to hook the whole thing out with just a thin bit of wire. Verdict? Unlikely.

Other tips include such simple—and ineffective—methods as pouring dish detergent down the drain, simply pouring boiling water down the drain, or—perhaps the least creative of all—pouring liquid drain cleaner down the drain. Homemade concoctions of vinegar and baking soda seem common, too. The truth is, though, that even in the best case scenario, these are shallow fixes to a problem that is potentially more serious than you may realize. Make the right choice, and if you cannot simply plunge out a clog, contact our team. The Sunny Plumber Tucson has the tools and knowledge to guarantee the job is done right.

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