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Does Your Grease Trap Trap Grease?

The grease trap is typically installed within the commercial kitchen, although in some cases, a residence might have one as well. It is a device designed with a single purpose: to trap grease. Such is obvious, but is your grease trap as effective as it should be? When was the last time it was serviced? Do you know how it works? As a leading plumbing provider in the greater Tucson area, we’re here to take care of your grease trap service needs, be it fixing your trap or installing a new one. Let’s have a look at some basics about the grease trap.

How to Trap Grease

When hot, the animal fats and oils that comprise grease are a relatively viscous liquid, capable of moving quickly down the drain. However, once cold, that liquid turns into a relatively thick paste that can attach to the interior surface of pipes. Hence, the need for a trap that will remove it from circulation. This box-shaped unit sits below the kitchen sink, and it works by cooling the grease in a cold water reservoir, where it rises to the top. Non-greasy water can then pass through the normal wastewater system.

Grease Trap Problems

If you’re having an issue with your grease trap, this may reveal itself in various ways. For example, you may find that your drains have become slow or they have clogged entirely.  This can shut down your entire kitchen cleaning operation very quickly if not resolved. Many of these issues can be prevented with routine grease trap maintenance. While it’s a simple system, the collected grease should be removed by a professional every so often. The frequency depends upon the needs of your commercial kitchen.

If you suspect that your grease trap no longer traps grease efficiently, then give us a call. The Sunny Plumber is your grease trap expert in Tucson, AZ!

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