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Does a Drain HAVE to Be Professionally Cleaned?

logoThe answer to this question is yes, but it’s a lot more complicated than it sounds. Sure, if you’re in the precarious position of having a drain clog (or multiple drain clogs), then we advise you to just call our team for professional drain cleaning ASAP. But many homeowners aren’t really there yet. You might be arriving at this blog post after hearing your drain start to gurgle, or perhaps you’ve got a drain that’s starting to slow down and you’re wondering about the future.

The truth is that drain cleaning in Tucson is a necessary service that you will need eventually. Drains clog up naturally over time, no matter what we do to prevent them, and there are few tools homeowners have to alleviate this tough of a problem.

Professional drain cleaning services are designed to thoroughly clean your drains and remove any debris that’s built up over time.

Drain Cleaning Isn’t Really Avoidable

One thing we’d really like to hammer home in this blog post is that drain cleaning isn’t really avoidable, no matter how hard homeowners try to prevent it. Dirty or clogged drains can be prevented or mitigated for as long as possible, but build-up in plumbing systems is a natural occurrence. There’s only so much you can do to impede this natural process before you have to call for professional help.

However, the goal here is to limit the expenses you have to pay for drain services down the line. Doing good things like using a mesh screen or investing in your own drain snake and plunger will help mitigate drain clogs as they’re forming. Then, you might only need to invest in professional drain cleaning services once every few years.

Or, some homeowners think it’s a better idea to invest in yearly drain cleaning to avoid this problem altogether. If you’re exceptionally busy, or you host a lot of family and friends at your house, then yearly drain cleaning might be a good idea.

Plungers and Drain Snakes Won’t Cut It

Look, we know that most homeowners want to be able to solve all their home problems themselves. Drain snakes, plungers, and even other tools can seem like the perfect things to stave off drain cleaning services, but the problem is that they don’t work as well as professional tools. Plumbers have industrial-grade drain snakes, plungers, and even hydro jetting systems that are designed to thoroughly remove drain clogs and clean your drains.

Don’t even get us started on drain cleaning chemicals! Just go the simple route and call our team for support.

Hydro Jetting Is a Great Alternative

Before we close out this blog, we’d like to highlight one of the best drain cleaning services we offer. Hydro jetting is a specific type of service that uses pressurized water pumps at the end of an auger to remove any and all clogging material in a drain. It’s powerful, effective, natural, and most importantly, it’s super fast! If you’re in the market for a quick and simple solution to your clogged drain, then call us for hydro jetting!

Contact The Sunny Plumber Tucson for support. Bright and Shiny and won’t show our Hiney!

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