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Do You Need a Main Water Line Replacement?

sunny-plumbersHere’s hoping that the answer is no. A main water line replacement is a big job, and it’s definitely not the cheapest plumbing service that you’re ever going to schedule. If you do need a main water line replacement in Tucson, though, don’t fret. Our Sunny Plumbers are up to the job! We’ve got the right tools and we know how to use them the right way. You’ll always be smiling when you work with a Sunny Plumber.

Today, we’ll talk about signs of water line trouble, as well as your best option for replacement. While a water line replacement is a big job, we have technology at our disposal that does take a lot of the trouble out of it. So read on, and remember that our team is the one to call if your water line is in trouble of any kind.

Signs of a Main Water Line Leak

You may think that a main water line leak is going to be this big, dramatic thing, and that it will be incredibly obvious if yours is leaking. And you know what? You’re not wrong. However, a main water line leak won’t always result in major flooding or an out of place swamp where your yard used to be.

Sometimes, you may hear water running when you know that none is in use. Or maybe you notice a spike in your water cost, even though you’re sure that you’re not really using any more water than is normal. Whatever the case, you need to act fast. Not only will a main water line leak cost you money, but it can also do extensive damage to your home if given the opportunity.

What Can Cause a Leak?

There are a lot of issues that might cause a main water line leak. Sometimes they can be damaged during construction. It’s incredibly important that you know exactly where your main water line is located if you’re having work done on your property. In other situations, tree roots can actually grow into the pipe, and that can lead to leaks. This is often the result of planting new greenery way too close to the water line.

Of course, there is also the age factor. At some point, pipe connections and materials can and will just break down. Depending on how old your pipe is and what it is made out of, that might happen sooner than later. Many folks choose to replace old galvanized steel pipes with newer materials before anything really has a chance to go wrong.

What We Can Do

We can do a full main water line replacement. And we can do it with trenchless, no-dig technology. You used to have to expose a whole water line to replace it, lifting it up out of the ground. Not anymore, though. Not with trenchless.

With our trenchless technology, we’re able to dig two small pits, one at each end of the main water line. Then we use special machinery to just push the old pipe out and pull the new pipe into place! It’s incredibly convenient, but definitely a job for the pros.

Schedule your main water line replacement with The Sunny Plumber Tucson. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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