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Do I Need to Test the Water in My Home?

The water coming into your house through the municipal system is referred as “fresh” water to distinguish it from the “waste” water that goes into the sewer system. But fresh water doesn’t always live up to the implications of its name. This water can contain a number of different contaminants that will affect taste and smell and that can cause health problems. It could also have calcium and magnesium minerals in it (“hard water”) which can inflict serious damage on your plumbing.

To counteract water quality issues, you can have a whole-house water treatment system installed onto your plumbing. Since there are many types of systems that address different issues in water, you need to know what specifically is in your water. You can arrange for water testing service in your home to find this out. Call The Sunny Plumber today and arrange for water testing in Sahuarita, AZ that will help our water treatment systems professionals find the right system to help you get the best quality water possible.

Is It Really Necessary to Have Water Testing?

Unless you have an immediate reason to suspect that your water is seriously contaminated, then no, you don’t need to have it tested. But we strongly urge that you do, since some water contamination is hard to detect at first. And even if you already suspect that something is wrong, you need to know the specifics so you can arrange to have the correct water treatment system installed.

There are a number of signs that will give you warnings that you should have testing done soon. One of these is indications of hard water in your plumbing, such as white, flaky material appearing on fixtures and inside sinks and bowls. Water softeners are a good solution to this problem, but the technician will also need to know how much sodium the softener should place into the water, and if a reverse osmosis system to help balance out the sodium levels will be helpful.

The size of the particles will also help the technicians learn what sort of filter they should use. In some cases, standard charcoal filters will do the job, but in others the fine filtering of a reverse osmosis system will remove a higher number of contaminants.

If you receive your water from a well, instead of the municipal system, water testing is something you should schedule as soon as possible because of possible ground contamination, such as acidic water. Chemical feed pumps can help remove high acidity.

Schedule Water Testing Today

Water testing is a simple process that will not disrupt your daily life. When you arrange for testing with The Sunny Plumber, we send trained plumbers to your home to take water samples from different parts of your home. The water goes to a lab, which then returns the results to us so we can give you suggestions for what water treatment system in Sahuarita, AZ will aid you the most. Get started with cleaner water for your future and call us today to have your water tested.

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