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Consider Installing a Sump Pump this Winter

Flooding is not exactly a pressing concern in Arizona, at least not on the scale one sees on the east coast. However, that does not mean that it can’t cause widespread damage in certain circumstances. The most common instance of flooding damage around here is basements and crawl spaces. Any part of the home that is at a lower elevation than the rest of the house is at risk of water damage from flooding. In order to prevent this from happening, you should consider installing a sump pump in your home. Read on to find out more about sump pumps, and the benefits that they provide.

What Is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a pump designed to remove water that flows into an enclosed space before it can cause damage. The first part of installing a sump pump system involves digging a small pit at the lowest point of the area. This is called the sump. All water that enters the area will automatically flow downhill into the sump. The sump pump is then installed either directly in the sump or right above it. A pipe runs from the sump pump out of the house. Once the water level in the sump has reached a certain level, the sump pump activates and pumps the water out of the house.

Advantages of Sump Pumps

If you’ve ever had to deal with even a moderate amount of water damage, you know how expensive it can be to repair. If at all possible, you want to avoid water damage to keep your home in good condition. A sump pump is the best way to make sure that any areas of your home that are vulnerable to flooding are protected.

If you’d like more information about sump pumps, call The Sunny Plumber. We offer a full range of sump pump services throughout Tucson, AZ.

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