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Common Causes of Garbage Disposal Failure

Before getting into this post, let me stress something that applies to any issue about garbage disposals: do not under any circumstances put your hand down into a garbage disposal. It doesn’t matter what precautions you have taken, the risk for injury is too high, even if you’ve unplugged the unit.

Garbage disposals are one of the most useful appliances in your kitchen, but because of the kind of work they do—chopping up and disposing of leftover food—they run the risk of failing for multiple reasons. It’s no fun getting stuck without a garbage disposal and having to resort to a compost bag, so here’s a short rundown of reasons why your garbage disposal might stop working; hopefully this will help you better determine when you should call for professional plumbing help.

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Foreign objects: Disposals can handle most food; but solid objects like glass, coins, and plastic that might fall down there can cause them to jam. If you can, remove the object using a long-handled grabber; that will often resolve the problem. If it doesn’t, you may need a plumber to dismantle the unit from the bottom, remove the obstructions, and unjam the masher.

Electrical trouble: If you switch on the disposal and it only makes a humming noise, then there is probably an issue with its electrical system. If you keep trying to turn the disposal on, it will eventually trip a circuit breaker. You can reset it by pressing a small button at the bottom of the unit under the sink. If the disposal still won’t work after that, the problem maybe a stuck grinder or else a wiring malfunction that will require professional repair.

Rust and wear: Eventually, a garbage disposal will get too old to function correctly. If you have an older disposal that is making loud grinding noises and not draining properly, then the best fix may be to get a new unit installed. A plumber will be able to tell you if this is the best option.

This has to be repeated: no matter what steps you take to fix simple disposal problems, don’t put your hand down into the disposal. When in doubt, call in a professional to handle the problem. Our plumbers at The Sunny Plumber have seen every type of garbage disposal problem, so when it comes to your Benson, AZ homes garbage disposal, they’ll get the job done fast… and safely.

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