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Chlorine: One Reason to Schedule Water Testing

Scheduling water testing for your home is a wise idea, even if you don’t have any specific reason to suspect that your fresh water supply contains contaminants. There are issues that can occur in your water that you may not be able to detect at first; testing will locate these hidden health and plumbing hazards and provide you with advice on how best to deal with them.

The Sunny Plumber provides comprehensive water treatment system services, starting with water testing. Call our water treatment professionals today to arrange for our quality water testing service in Catalina, AZ that will find out you have water quality problems and what you can do about them.

The problem with chlorine

One of the more common contaminants that can enter the municipal water system is chlorine. Although chloride ions are necessary for life, high concentrations of chlorine are poisonous. Fortunately, the quantities that can get into the municipal water are not at a lethal level. However, studies have linked high chlorine levels in residential water supplies with increased cancer risks (particularly colon cancer) and damage to the human immune system.

How does chlorine get into your water in first place? Water chlorination is a basic part of municipal water treatment, since it eliminates many dangerous bacteria and other microbes that can contaminate a water supply. Although chlorine is essential for seeing that the water that enters into your home is free from some of the most harmful contaminants, too much chlorine poses long-term risks.

A whole-house water filtration system using activated carbon can eliminate unhealthy levels of chlorine from your water. Water testing will determine the chlorine concentration in your water and if you should invest in a filtration system to remove it. Although you can place point-of-use filters onto faucets and shower heads, a whole-house chlorine filter is more effective and will take care of all the taps in your home.

Because chlorine levels are difficult to detect through taste and smell, you should arrange to have testing for your home’s water supply even if nothing outwardly seems wrong with it. The water testing specialists at The Sunny Plumber will be glad to take care of this job for your home. If we do discover issues with chlorine, we will help you get the right filtration system to deal with it. Call us today to schedule water testing in Catalina, AZ.

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