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Is a Water Treatment System Right for Me?

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Access to running water in our homes is a convenience we can’t live without. However, getting water from a municipal supply has some drawbacks; sometimes the water quality is lower than we want it to be, affecting the taste of the water we drink or leaving mineral deposits in our plumbing. Fortunately, you can take steps to improve the quality of your home’s water. There are numerous water treatment systems that will take care of the different problems you might encounter from the local water supply. However, you don’t want to go through the time and expense getting a water treatment system installed if it’s unnecessary. Do you really need one?

The answer is probably “yes,” if you’re asking the question at all. Even if your water supply contains nothing hazardous to your health, contaminants can cause damage to your plumbing and to your house. Water treatment in your Sahuarita, AZ home can improve your life in many ways, and The Sunny Plumber can help.

Take hard water, for example. This term confuses people (isn’t “hard water” ice?), but it’s simple to explain: hard water is water with too much calcium and magnesium suspended it. This is rarely toxic to drink, but the negative effect it can have on your plumbing, faucets, and drains can turn into serious repair needs. The biggest problem that hard water creates is calcite buildup in pipes, which restricts water flow and raises the pressure throughout your plumbing. High water pressure means leaks, many of them.

Water softeners can fix the hassles of hard water; these treatment systems rebalance the chemicals in your home’s water by removing calcium and magnesium and adding salt. If the salt level gets too high, installing a reverse osmosis system can help restore the balance to an ideal level.

Another common water problem is hydrogen sulfide, a.k.a. sulfur. If you’ve encountered this, you know how awful it can be: water that reeks of rotten eggs. Like hard water, this rarely poses health risks—but it’s both unappealing, especially if you have guests over often, and can lead to corrosion and stains on sinks. Water treatment systems that oxidize sulfur, turning it into a solid that a filter can remove easily, will solve this problem.

Because there is a large variety of water treatment systems available—water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, chemical feed pumps—you can almost certainly find one that’s right for your needs. But you’ll require the help of water treatment experts to make sure you get the right type and have it installed correctly. The Sunny Plumber knows how to handle your Sahaurita, AZ water treatment selection and installation, so contact us today.

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