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Benefits of Scour Jet Service

water-down-sink-drainYour plumbing system is extensive and, in some ways, pretty complex. In operational theory, however, it is really quite simple. The supply side of your plumbing system brings water into your home, while the drain and sewer side drains it out of your home. Simple enough, right? Well, things seem much less simple when something goes wrong with either side of the plumbing. If you’re having trouble with your drain and sewer system, then professional scour jet service in Marana, AZ is definitely an option to consider.

As you’ll see below, scour jet service itself is a fairly simple service–in theory. Just like your plumbing system, however, that simplicity can be deceiving. This is not a job that you could possibly handle on your own, and it requires equipment that homeowners are not going to have access to. If you do think that your plumbing system could benefit from scour jet service, contact the professionals at The Sunny Plumber Tucson to guarantee that the job is done right.

What Is Scour Jet Service?

Scour jet service is a method of drain cleaning that uses only pressurized water in order to break up and flush away the grease and clogs that can lead to your drains backing up. While being careful about using your garbage disposal appropriately and keeping materials like hair out of your drains will limit the risk of such clogs, the fact is that even the most careful homeowner may encounter clogged drains or even a backed up sewer line eventually. By blasting highly pressurized water–controlled by our expert drain cleaners to ensure that no damage is done to your system–into your drain lines, we can remove this debris without the need for harsh, ineffectual, and toxic chemical cleaners.

Benefits of Professional Scour Jet Service

There are definitely homeowners that are going to balk at the idea of hiring a professional to clean out their drains. These homeowners tend to come around before long, however, because their DIY drain cleaning attempts have proved to be ineffective. Yes, you can purchase drain cleaners and even hand augers at the local hardware store. However, the likelihood of removing entire clogs in such a manner is slim.

If even a small amount of a clog is left behind in the pipe, then it is possible for that clog to reaccumulate. This is an annoying cycle, and one that scour jetting can help you avoid. Not only will we break up the clog, but all the water used to do so will also help to ensure that the materials constituting the clog are flushed out of the system.

When your drains slow down or start to make gurgling sounds throughout the house, or if your toilet is backing up, contact us right away. The sooner that your drains and/or your sewer line are scour jetted, the better. You don’t really want to wait until things stop flowing altogether before scheduling service with our team.

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