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3 Ways to Detect a Leak on Your Own

logoThere’s a big disconnect when it comes to detecting leaks. Plumbers can detect a leak from a mile away, as if we’re some kind of superhero with powerful leak detection powers that let us zoom in on the plumbing system of a home. Homeowners don’t have this superpower usually, because it comes from years of training, honing skills, and using powerful equipment. But you don’t live every day with a plumber, so how are they supposed to detect a leak if they’re not in your home?

Well, that’s why it’s important for homeowners to have a basic sense of leak detection in Tucson. If you think there’s a leak occurring in your home, then it’s your prerogative to call our team for fast and effective plumbing services. Listed below are a few ways that you can start to detect if your plumbing system is leaking in your home.

Listen for the Leak

Leaks can be loud, and sometimes soft, but the trick is that they usually make a noise. If you can hear the sound of flowing water coming from somewhere in your house, but you never actually see it, it could be from a leak that’s in your basement, crawlspace, or even your walls. It’s always a good idea to call a professional to take a closer look and examine when you think you’ve got a leak.

Another sound to keep your ears peeled for is dripping. Whether it’s a faucet that never turns off or a pipe that’s dripping consistently, this is another sign that there’s a leak somewhere in your home. Try and trace the source of it if you can, but don’t worry about it if you can’t find it. We can!

Check Your Water Meter

Your water meter is a great tool for detecting a leak in your home. Start off by shutting off all your appliances that use water. This will ensure that the meter is supposed to read zero water usage. When you check on your water meter, you might be surprised!

If your water meter reads that your home is still using water even though you shut down all the appliances, there could definitely be a leak somewhere in the plumbing system. If your water meter states that no water is being used, then you’re in the clear! Simple and effective, right?

Notice the Visual Signs of a Leak

Leaks can cause some serious problems in your home, most of which can be detected through some visual clues. For instance, leaks can cause brown spots on the floor, wall, or ceiling of certain rooms, as the moisture permeates through the wood of your house.

Also, leaks can cause mold to grow which can make discolored spots as well. Usually, these types of leaks will also be detectable through obvious mold growths in your home. Try using your nose to detect any foul odors as well, since these usually come hand in hand with mold growth.

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