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3 Ways You’re Clogging Drains (And How to Stop!)

sunny-plumbersNobody wants to be told that they’re doing something wrong. Nobody wants to find themselves in a frustrating situation, and then get blamed for causing it. However, there’s a good chance that your clogged drains are at least partially the result of user error. If you frequently have clogged drains, then you may carry some of the blame.

The good news is, we can help.

Today, we’re going to talk about some practices that you can implement, and others that you can alter, in order to reduce the frequency of drain clogs. The best part? They’re simple tips to execute. At least, they are when you’re aware of them. So read on, keep this info in mind, and enjoy a better plumbing experience!

1. What Are You Flushing Down the Toilet?

Okay, okay—let’s be a little more specific. We don’t exactly need or want a detailed explanation of everything you’re flushing. But ask yourself this. Is your answer anything other than waste, water, and toilet paper? Because if that’s not the full list, then you are almost certainly contributing to your clog problems. Also, if you’re wondering why we’re talking about your toilet here, and not your drains, remember that it all leads to the same pipe!

So, if you’re flushing things like sanitary products or baby wipes down the toilet, that can cause a clog that can then affect drains throughout the entire house. Even if something claims to be flushable, we absolutely recommend that anything other than waste, water, and toilet paper go in a trash bin. Product marketing can be a bit, over-optimistic when it comes to their claims, remember.

2. What Are You Putting Down Your Drains?

This is going to sound obvious, but you have to be really careful about what gets down into your drains if you want to avoid drain clogs. Now, we know that you’re not intentionally clogging up your drains. We said that already. But ask yourself honestly how careful you really are about keeping materials that can cause those clogs out of your drains. Are you using drain guards in all of your sinks and bathtubs/showers, for instance? Are you careful to clean hair and food particles out of those traps after each use?

Also, keep your garbage disposal in mind. More specifically, its limitations. If you are not aware of them, here’s a quick list. Keep FOG (fats, oil, grease) out of the disposal. Also avoid really starchy foods, like pasta, potatoes, beans, etc. These can swell and cause clogs. So just do yourself a favor and keep in mind that your garbage disposal is very convenient. It can’t necessarily handle everything you throw at it, though!

3. What Are You Doing About Clogs?

When you run into a clog, are you scheduling professional drain cleaning in Tucson? Or are you pouring liquid cleaners from the hardware store down the drain? Because, if it’s the latter, you’re wasting your money.

As you’ve probably realized, those chemical cleaners don’t deliver lasting results. So be sure to reach out to us to have the job done right!

Schedule your drain and sewer services with The Sunny Plumber Tucson.

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