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3 Steps Toward Better Drinking Water in Tucson

Does your water taste funny? Does it make you suspicious that there could be something wrong with it? It’s important that your drinking water be absolutely safe for the entire family, but also that it taste good. That’s not too much to ask. Here are 3 ways to improve the overall water quality of your home. 

1. Have Your Water Tested

The first step for any homeowner in Tucson looking to improve their water quality is a professional water test. There’s no getting ’round the fact that you need to know what the problem is precisely so that you can sort out a solution. Fortunately, with the assistance of a professional plumber, you will not only have access to all of the required information, you will also know what it means. Then, and only then, you can take any necessary action, such as installing a water treatment system.

2. What to Do about Hard Water

The hardness of water is measured by the presence of calcium, magnesium, and other trace minerals within the water supply. These are typically picked up as the water flows through the ground and into the supply. It’s common throughout the country, but it can result in serious problems if not taken care of. For example, while not exactly harmful, it can lead to mineral deposits clogging up your piping, which may cause premature repiping. That can be expensive, so a whole-house water softener may be your best option.

3. Get Rid of Contaminants

If your water is contaminated, then it’s not safe to drink. If, after a water test, this is determined to be true, then you have a number of different options. Water filtration systems can be highly effective at removing the majority of contaminants and pollutants, while UV water purifiers target microbiological organisms, such as bacteria and viruses.

Contact The Sunny Plumber today for all of your water testing and water treatment system needs in Tucson, AZ. 

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