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3 Reasons Scour Jetting Is the Way to Clean Pipes

sunny-plumbersWhen you think about cleaning your home, we’re willing to bet that you’re not thinking about cleaning your pipes, right? Of course not. And when we talk about cleaning pipes, we’re not talking about dusting or polishing the exterior surface of the pipe. No, we’re talking about the interior of pipes. And, to be frank, we’re not just talking about cleaning pipes.

We’re talking about scouring them.

Scour jet service in Tucson,  AZ, is one of the great plumbing services that too few homeowners take advantage of. You may not need your pipes scoured regularly, of course. But when problems related to buildup in pipes develop, there is really nothing better than scour jetting for getting the problem resolved. You want to skip the liquid drain cleaners when things start to slow down.

What Is Scour Jetting?

Scour jetting is a service in which a small hose is fed through your drain and/or sewer line. This is not your garden variety garden hose, though! This is a high-pressure hose, not unlike a powerful pressure washer, that has a nozzle specially designed for this type of application.

The nozzle sprays water in a 360-degree pattern, ensuring that every inch of the pipe is scoured from within. By blasting away at the interior surfaces of the pipe with this type of equipment, we eliminate the risk of only partially clearing clogs. Not only does the high-pressure water really do a complete job of scouring the surface, but the water also helps to usher along the loosened debris so that it flushes out of the system.

When Is This Necessary?

If you encounter a single clog here and there in your home from time to time, you may not necessarily need scour jet services. If those instances start to occur more frequently, though, it’s definitely a good idea to have your system evaluated by a professional. Ideally, you won’t wait for a full backup of your system to have the job done!

There are a lot of reasons why this service may be needed. In some cases, user error can result in the need for scour jetting. Pouring hot fat down the drain, for instance, can lead to serious clogs over time. You may also run into an issue like tree roots infiltrating the sewer line. Believe it or not, this is not all that uncommon. Depending on the extent of the problem, scour jetting may be able to break up the tangle and resolve the issue.

Scour Jetting Is a Job for the Pros

You can’t just go out, rent a power washer, and do this on your own. Even most plumbing companies don’t offer this service. You need the right equipment and the ability to use it properly. Our Sunny Plumbers will make sure that a thorough job is done. They’ll also make sure that your system is not damaged at all in the process of scour jetting.

Schedule scour jetting with The Sunny Plumber Tucson. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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