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3 Benefits of Water Testing

It’s an unfortunate fact that sometimes the water that enters our homes from the municipal supply is low in quality. However, using bottled water is not a good option: this water is frequently nothing more than lightly filtered municipal water. Also, using bottled water doesn’t help a home’s plumbing, which is usually at greater risk from low quality water than the people who live there.

One of the better solutions to this problem is to have water testing done in your home and find a way to address the issues in the water supply with a whole-house treatment system. Water testing is a service that some plumbing companies offer: a plumber collects water samples from different parts of your home, sends them to a laboratory for testing, and then reviews the results with you to see what can be done to improve the water entering your home.

The Sunny Plumber has a staff that offers water testing service in Green Valley, AZ for your home. Call us today and start on the path toward healthier water.

Benefits of water testing

  1. Water problems are difficult to identify: …at least if you aren’t a trained expert. Poor-tasting or smelling water can have many different causes behind it, and water that seems to have no problems at all could harbor serious issues; for example, sediment and high sodium aren’t easily detectable to your senses. Just because your water doesn’t taste or smell odd doesn’t mean it’s free from impurities.
  2. Detect hard water: Hard water is water with minerals suspended in it, principally magnesium and calcites. Although not usually bad for humans to drink, hard water is destructive to plumbing and can lead to clogging and high pressure. Hard water requires a specific type of water treatment device, a water softener, to alleviate.
  3. Determine other types of water treatments systems needed: There are many different kinds of water treatment systems available: particle filters, chemical feed pumps, reverse osmosis systems, and specialty cartridges designed for specific contaminants. Without professional water testing done through a lab, you won’t know what kind of treatment system you should invest in to receive the best water possible.

Water testing is a simple process: leave the job to your plumber to collect samples, and then wait for the results from the lab. Your plumber will know which treatment systems will attack the troubles discovered in your water supply and will install them as well.

Call The Sunny Plumber today to schedule water testing or other plumbing service in Green Valley, AZ.

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